About Me

Graphic Designer

I currently have over 13 years of dedicated graphic design capabilities. The main areas that I focus on the most are “3D Modeling & Animation” as well as “2D Vector Illustrations,Textures,Murals & Paintings”. Though those are my areas of interest I have developed my skills in just about every area of graphic design that there is.

A little about me

I’m 29 years old. I’m from Northeast Tennessee in a small town with a population of about 3,500 people. In February 2006 I was hit head on by a drunk driver. Little did i know at the time, that would be the day that changed my life forever. By February 2007 I had became disabled due to significant spinal injuries. With nowhere to turn and nothing to do but set around the house in pain while the bills piled up. I decided to start looking into a career online to see if I could help bring in some money to survive on. By this time i already had four years of graphic design experience under my belt. So off on the journey of the Internet i went. Full speed ahead! I discovered a few placed like “The 3D Studio”, “Turbosquid”,”Renderosity” and so on and so forth. That were paying good money for professional “3D Models” in areas of gaming and filming quality. Both in which was/is my specialty.Took me about six months to sell my first design and from that moment that is all it took. I have been pretty much a full-time designer every sense then.This long “biography” tells the back story on “Who i am”, “What i do”,”Where I’m from” & “How and why” i do what i do.

“If you have made it this far reading about my life style. I thank you for taking a moment to find out just a little bit about who I am and the struggles I have fought. Thank you so much for your time & I hope that you have a wonderful day.”